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eco-friendly FABRICS

Uniquely selected natural fibre and recycled fabrics



84% Recycled Poly + 16% Elastane

Our Recycled Ace -Tex Repreve™ fabric (210 GSM) is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The bottles are collected, washed and cut into flakes. They are then transformed into chips and melted again to make filaments. The filaments are processed into thread.  The buttery soft fabric has vibrant print results and UPF50 protection. Repreve™ is a great conscious choice to work out in and is highly recommended for yoga, pilates, freediving, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and those who like a lighter feeling fabric.

77% Poly + 23% Spandex


For those who like a fabric with more flexibility our Prime fabric is a great alternative.  

The Prime fabric (265 GSM) is a high-quality moisture-wicking spandex. This smooth feeling fabric is super comfortable to wear and great for soaking up sweat. This sublimination approved fabric has high-quality, vibrant print results. The flexibility of this fabric makes it ideal for all types of sporting activities.

85% Micro Poly + 15% Spandex

Thick spandex

Our thickest fabric is Micro Poly Spandex (340-360 GSM). The strength of this fabric makes it ideal for compression giving the look and feel of slender leg lines and tighter tummies. This material is perfect for colder climates and vigorous exercise.


100% Bamboo

Bamboo has resilient properties that alleviate the need for pesticides or fertilizers, which makes it ideal for our bodies and the ecosystem.

Our Bamboo material is 100% natural and biodegradable and has high moisture wicking and thermo-regulating properties which makes it perfect for sweat. The soft, silky fabric is hypoallergenic and has UV protection.

55% Linen + 45% Rayon

Linen / Rayon

Both Rayon and Linen are natural fibre fabrics and because of their biodegradable properties they are a perfect eco-friendly solution.

Linen is made from woven flax plant fibres. These fibres are known for their strong properties and are therefore ideal for carrying items.  Rayon is also a natural fibre, made from natural sources, such as wood or agricultural products. These are regenerated into a cellulose fibre which add a silky soft feeling when blended with other natural fibres.

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