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Exercise clothes that help you move!

Updated: Apr 6

Exercise clothes that help you move!

Having the right clothing is an important exercise motivation strategy. There is nothing worse than embarrassing sweat marks or pulling uncomfortably at your clothes while you move! All our apparel is designed by exercise professionals with exercise at the for front of our mind. We know and have tested what garments work best for different exercise routine. Read below and choose apparel that help you feel comfortable and supported in every movement style you do.


Yogis will tell you that Asana practice is finding the comfortable in the uncomfortable, but that being said, the last thing you want in yoga is a pair of lycra leggings that dig into your belly.

If hot yoga is your style of practice, then we can’t recommend more our Repreve Recycled Plastic Swimwear. These bike shorts don’t show the sweat and give your legs the freedom to perspire until savasana. If a slow vinyasa flow is what you practice, then you really can’t go past our organic cotton lycra. This beautiful natural fibre hugs the body tightly, so you feel both grounded and supported while you flow.

Our cut off tops were designed specifically for cat and cow, as the high neck line covers the cleavage during any for all four movements. This style of top comes in both the organic cotton or ribbed corduroy and the colour pallet has a wide variety to match what ever leggings you choose.


Pilates is about form, alignment, precision and control, so your teacher will appreciate seeing muscle engagement when you move. Our repreve patterned and ethical leggings are the perfect fit for your hundreds and lunges, as the lightweight fabric feels like a soft layer of skin. The all over repeat patterns are perfect to hide any of the bumps.

The loose-fitting bamboo tank tops are also ideal for you Pilates workout, as they allow you to reach and bend in all directions without restriction and have high moisture absorbent properties. Their low arm hole won’t show the armpit sweat and will keep you cooler while you teaser your way through class.

If you’re in need of some extra support around the bust, add a matching patterned crop top for extra support.


Whether you’re a runner, jogger, a cross fit junkie or into HIIT (high intense interval training) fanatic, our Repreve Mid-thigh bike shorts or booty short are the answer to all of these activities. High intensity exercise requires a moisture absorbent fabric that won’t show the sweat and because less clothes is more in these types movements shorts are the solution. Why not match a patterned crop top or short cut off crop to support the bust as you run, jump and fly?


If you’re an ocean lover, we understand your need for sun protection and versatility. Our reprieve lyre is made for the sun, as it embodies a 50+ sun protection. The four ways stretch leggings and shorts are made for move ability so you can jump to your feet on a surf or paddle board or row a kayak or canoe with ease. Our crops top has the upper body covered and are ideal for any wave or water activities. Feel safe and secure that this top won’t move as you dive off a boat or surf some waves. And if you’re wanting to catch some sun rays match a pair of our bikini bottoms to relax in the sun.

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