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Why legging’s should be your activewear wardrobe staple

Updated: Apr 5

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 15+ years and most of those days I’ve worn lycra!

Here are 5 reasons to make leggings (shop here) your athleisure wardrobe staple!

1.     They stay put! 

Leggings unlike shorts, wont ride up! The last thing you need when enjoying a class is to be constantly pulling at your clothing.

2.     They are flexible!

Leggings are comfortable and they are flexible. Whether you’re in a yoga or Pilates class, or racing away on a spin bike, leggings will always prioritize your flexibility!

3.     They suit the seasons

Leggings can carry you through all the seasons. This garment is not dependant on the climate and can be worn all year round!

4.     They are multi-purpose

These leggings are suitable for wearing all day long. You can hit the gym, do some yoga, go for a walk, go shopping or lounge around the house all in the same pair of leggings!!

5.     They look great

Leggings look great on everyone! They accentuate your leg length and show off you curves in all the right places.

In conclusion, leggings are a great way to stay comfortable while you move. They are versatile and can be worn for a large variety of activities. Leggings will show off your curves and help to slim your figure at the same time. If you are looking for a workout outfit, that can be your activewear wardrobe staple, the answer is leggings, as they are both stylish, comfortable!

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