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Yoga Poses and Pilates Tips to help back pain

Updated: Jun 14

Mermaid side stretch

Mermaid pose involves a lateral stretch, which lengthens and stretches the lateral side body, including the quadratus lumborum. This muscle connects the pelvis to the lower spine and can become tight and contribute to back pain. By stretching the side body, mermaid pose can help release tension and promote better spinal alignment.

Yoga Poses and Pilates Tips to help back pain

Lizard Pose AKA: Utthan Pristhasana

Stretches your hamstrings, hip flexors, and quadriceps.

Due to its deep, hip-opening it can help alleviate low back pain or sciatica. It also helps increase hips and hamstring strength.

Lizard Pose AKA

Upward Facing Dog AKA:

This pose will help lengthen the spine, while also opening up through the chest and shoulders. It also increase back strength and tones the upper arms.

Upward Facing Dog AKA

Hamstring Stretch on the Reformer:

Hamstring stretch increase posterior flexibility and improve the range of motion in the hip. Stretching on the reformer can allow flexibility to improve, without stressing the joints and having supple hamstrings can help alleviate lower back pain.

Hamstring Stretch on the Reformer

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