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sustainable fabrics

Consciously choosing fabrics better for the environment

Image by Jonathan Chng


Repreve recycled lycra is made in Indonesia from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are washed, cut into flakes, and melted down into tiny filaments. 


These filaments are transformed into the super-soft yarn and woven into our garments.

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Our prints and cards are made from recycled paper, hand-crafted by local Balinese women who use sustainable materials. These are then printed with biodegradable ink from recycled cartridges.

To help eliminate paper use, our labels are printed directly onto the fabric and our swing tags are made from recycled paper.

Image by kazuend


Bamboo has resilient properties that alleviate the need for pesticides or fertilisers, which makes it ideal for our bodies and the ecosystem.

Our Bamboo material is 100% natural and biodegradable.

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linen rayon

Both Rayon and Linen are natural fibre fabrics and because of their biodegradable properties they are a perfect eco-friendly solution.

Linen is made from woven flax plant fibres and Rayon is made natural sources, such as wood or agricultural products.

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We only  partner with factories that have a clean, ethical and fair working environment. Our talented pattern maker cuts multiple garments from large panels of fabric to eliminate wastage.

Trevena & Co believes conscious choices create change. As a business, Trevena & Co are committed to using sustainable materials and practices to minimise our footprint where we can.



Trevena & Co is passionate about making its business more sustainable and is always looking for innovative ways to make a positive impact in the world. Please contact us with any ideas.
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